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Methenolone (the main ingredient of primobolan) is a steroidal substance with moderate anabolic effects and low androgenic activity. However, this is not to say that the drug is not capable of producing great results. Although primobolan is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, it produces virtually no negative effects on the cellular structures of the prostate and hair follicles. Today, methenolone is available in two forms: injectable (enanthate) and tablet (acetate). Athletes actively use the first one. This is due to the significantly higher efficiency of this form. At the same time, enanthate is a long ester and does not require frequent injections. Here you can profitably and safely buy Primobolan.


The anabolic activity index of methenolone is 88 per cent of the testo and this is enough to significantly accelerate protein production. Since the androgenic activity index is low (44 per cent), primobolan is often used by professional female athletes. At the same time, methenolone has a slight hepatotoxicity, but this is true for the injectable drug. Let’s consider the main positive effects of the drug: – There is no tendency to aromatisation – this fact guarantees that there are no risks of developing estrogenic side effects. You will also not need aromatase inhibitors on the solo kura. – Moderate fat-burning properties – anabolic is often used during the drying period. With its help, you can not only get rid of fat, but also improve the relief of musculature. – Growth of strength characteristics with a slight increase in mass – a solo course of methenolone can be quite effective in improving sports performance in weightlifting and power lifting. As you can see for yourself, this drug may well deliver great results. If you are still thinking about whether you should order Primobolan, then read on. This is a fairly safe AAS that can be used by female athletes as well. We have already said that side effects of estrogenic and androgenic types on steroid courses are practically impossible.

It should also be noted and the fact that primobolan weakly suppresses the work of the GHYA axis. But you must remember that now we are talking about the solo use of anabolic. If you carry out a heavy combined cycle, the risks of side effects will be high and it is not about primobolan. To those builders who are sure that the Primobolan course can not be effective, I would like to say only one thing – methenolone was actively used during the heyday of his career Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the same time and the price of Primobolan looks quite attractive.


Solo course of methenolone is advisable to carry out during the drying period. Here the drug will be able to open almost one hundred per cent. You will not only get rid of fat, but also improve the relief of your muscles. The weekly dose of primobolan is 0.4 grams. Recall, now we are talking about an injectable drug, since the tablet in sports is used very rarely. It is possible to put methenolone only once for seven days. As we have already noted above, primobolan can be a good choice for professional female athletes. It is quite obvious that they should use lower doses compared to men. Also, we do not recommend combined courses.

But athletes often use “compotes” in their sports practice. This allows not only to increase the efficiency of anabolic cycles, but also to solve various problems. For example, a powerful drying course can be carried out with the help of winstrol (50 mg daily) and primobolan (400 mg per week). You can also use testosterone propionate or trenbolone acetate for this task. If you want to gain quality mass, it is also possible with methenolone. For example, novice bodybuilders can pay attention to the combination of methenolone and primobolan. This is not only effective, but also a safe course. More experienced athletes should pay attention to combinations with prolonged esters of testosterone, trenbolone or oxymetholone. In conclusion, we remind you that even after a solo course of primobolan, you should carry out a PKT. It is quite enough to take 50 mg of clomid for 14 days.

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