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Primobolan depot in sports

Primobolan depot is a steroid drug for injection that has anabolic property. It is often used by power sports athletes. It is popular as it is absolutely safe. Primobolan depot is one of the few drugs that is suitable for combination with any steroid. Such combination courses are more effective. Primobolan depot is designed for athletes who want to increase lean muscle mass and get rid of unnecessary fat deposits. Primobolan depot does not accumulate fluid and does not increase estrogen levels.

What is the correct way to give Primobolan depot injections?

It is recommended to give Primobolan injections three ampoules in a week – 300 milligrams of the active component. This is an average dosage that has a high effect. This steroid drug has no contraindications and it is allowed to take both beginners and professional athletes. You can not worry about the appearance of side effects, adhering to the recommendations for use you will be able to avoid the consequences. Primobolan has no negative impact on the human hormonal system and does not affect the production of its own testosterone.


Primobolan depot course

The duration of the course should be about a month or two, can be used without a rest break. During this time Primobolan will increase muscle mass and improve the strength of the athlete. Primobolan is suitable for a combined course, the best combination together with injectable Winstrol or Stanozolol. This combination of steroids has a fat-burning effect and increases lean muscle mass.

Primobolan depot and Winstrol depot are anabolic drugs that are safe to take. The complex is designed for athletes who want to improve body definition, increase muscle mass and become more endurance to exercise.

Primobolan depot course benefits:

Increases lean muscle mass.

Helps to get rid of fat layer.

Has an anti-catabolic effect (protects muscles from catabolism).

Increases the strength index.

Promotes rapid recovery of the athlete after intensive training and heals wounds due to injury.

Primobolan depot is a quality drug, so after its cancellation will retain all the results.

Due to the fact that Primobolan does not cause side effects it is very popular among bodybuilding athletes.

Working out with Primobolan depot athlete will feel a surge of strength, and the recovery process is so fast that the break between classes is significantly reduced.

Primobolan depot and Turinabol is a suitable course for athletes who want to increase lean muscle mass. These steroid preparations complement the effect of each other and enhance the anabolic action. The increase in muscle mass will occur evenly and without drops. The athlete will feel how his strength index and endurance to training will increase.

Use such a course of Primobolan depot should be a minimum of three ampoules per week. Turinabol – four tablets every day. With such a dosage, the indicator of estrogen does not increase.

Athletes who took Primobolan and Turinabol significantly improved their appearance, the body became relief and muscular.

With Primobolan injections, the athlete’s muscles become hard and elastic, there is excellent venousness and improved blood circulation. No fluid accumulates in the muscle fibres.

Primobolan depot and Turinabol – this is an excellent combination of drugs, when using which muscle mass increases by four to five kilograms. Another advantage of this course is the absence of side effects, is not aromatised and does not cause the development of gynecomastia. Nor are such manifestations observed:

Increase in blood pressure.

Accumulation of fluid in muscle fibres.

Accumulation of fat deposits.

It can be concluded: Primobolan depot is an effective steroid that brings the desired result without harming the body.

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