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Primobolan (Primo Tabs) has always been considered an easy drug and is the most effective during the cutting period for both women and men. In this case, you can improve the constitution of the body and prepare for responsible competitions. Note that anabolic, Primobolan, can be produced both in the form of injection tablets. Primo tabs contain the active ingredient methanolone acetate, while the drug in the injectable form is methanolone with an enanthate ester attached.

Positive properties of primobolan tablets

The drug has weak anabolic and androgenic properties, which explains its mild effect on the body. Since the androgenic activity of this steroid is small, it is often used by female athletes. The most significant advantage of steroids is the complete absence of aromatization. In fact, for this reason the drug is actively used for cutting or when gaining high-quality mass. It also indicates the impossibility of manifestation of side effects such as gynecomastia and high swelling due to water retention in the body. All of the above can be confirmed by reviews of bodybuilders who have repeatedly used this drug.

Important information about Primobolan

The duration of primobolan tablets is about five hours for the oral form.

With the help of modern methods of drug control, metabolites of the tablet drug can be identified for 6 weeks.

With the help of a solo course of the drug, it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass and all the positive properties of the drug are manifested during the cutting period.

The physical parameters increase significantly.

Accelerated metabolic reactions.

Strong anti-catabolic effect on the body.

Oral Primobolan for men should be taken daily in an amount of 50-100 milligrams for beginners. Intermediate to advanced steroid users will take somewhere in the range of 100-200 milligrams per day.

A few days after the end of the cycle, rehabilitation treatment must be started.

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