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Primo bolan tablets LA Pharma 30 (25 mg / tab)

Methe nolone acetate is the active ingredient in P rimobolan tablet. It is an oral steroid produced by LA pharma. Primobolan is among the most popular in the less androgenic suocomponent and is almost pure anabolic tablet. The overall anabolic effect is only moderately strong and the ratio is very favourable between the anabolic and androgenic effects. Primobolan’s effect is limited in building and strengthening muscle mass. With the use of that steroid fast weight gain and strength is limited. This drug gives a very slow but long-term effect which is the main reason why the drug is taken for a very long time and muscle gain lasts for a very long time after its use is prohibited. Methenolone acetate has shown excellent results among oral steroid drugs, unlike most other orals, its side effects on the liver are much less equivalent to none (due to 17-alkylation).


The daily dose that shows effective results is between 50-150 mg per day. 200-300 mg are required by the body builder picking up the weight of 100 kg which is about 7-8 tablets of 25 mg per day. This for or high dosage however above example shows that high dosage form is required when the route of administration is oral. As the tablet P rimobolan is not 17-alkylated for this reason when it passes through the liver more than half of it is destroyed and unwanted effects are minimised, so very little s enter the blood stream while the rest leaches from the body in an inactive form.


Primobolan is the main tablet used by women, however; it is mainly used for competition preparation. The use of Primo bolan let tab is extensive for the reason that its acetate group does not aromatise in oestrogen and therefore does not cause water retention. Primobolan acetate tablets are famous for burning excess fat. However, P rimobolan Tablets should not be the only steroid due to its low and FFETTI ergonics causes significant losses in rength v and muscle as well as there is the k ris of over training. During competition preparation, the above-mentioned combinations of steroids are very effective but with a suitable diet

P relapses :

It is also worth noting that although the side ts effec chance of rimobolan P is very low still you need to be very careful due to a slight dose of over or inattention main cause problems. Most initial side effects include acne on the face, facial and body growth during treatment.Men with a predisposition to hair loss may also want to avoid this item. Mostly all mild side effects reach the level where they interfere with the cycle of progression. In production, methenolone acetate is clearly the only steroid with mild, orally administered side effects. Older, female and steroid beginners find this steroid more comfortable to experience.

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